This Fall’s Most Amazing Accommodations in New England

When you start to look for the originating points of what has become the modern United States, you won’t really need to look further than New England. This particular region of the then young United States was central to the establishment of its independence, making it one of the singularly most significant places in the entire country. All of this serves to make this a particularly great place to visit, especially so when the leaves begin to turn, and when the beauty of New England starts to truly show.  Here are some of the best boutique hotels to explore on a fall getaway in New England this year.

The Exceptional XV BeaconXV beaconIn order to enjoy an authentic New England fall, you will first need to find a good place to stay in, and luckily, there are many of those to choose from. First on the list of quality boutique hotels in Boston, perhaps the capital of New England, is the XV Beacon. Embracing its beautiful surroundings right in downtown Boston, this property is set within a quintessential New England building with a very modern interior, and if the views aren’t stunning enough, then the wine list is sure to be a delight.

A Nautical WonderlandattwaterIt wouldn’t be New England without a nautical touch, and the same can certainly be said for its hotels. The Attwater is a perfect example of this.  A boutique hotel in Newport, Rhode Island, this property features several design elements that are reminiscent of the region’s nautical history, and it’s an ideal place to stay if you really want to get a feel for what life is like in this part of the United States.

Beachfront BeautypebbleNext on the list of notable New England boutique hotels is The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn. This boutique hotel on Cape Cod is a place well known for its beautiful interiors, but what it makes even more special is close proximity to the beach. This not only allows guests to find themselves a stone’s throw away from a fun afternoon, it also means that they can just as easily sample the finest of New England seafood whenever their hearts desire.

A Duo of DelightWindhamTourists love nothing more than to gaze upon gorgeous sights when they travel, and there are two more notable destinations in New England: The Windham Hill Inn and Vanderbilt Grace. Though one is a boutique hotel in Vermont and the other in Newport,  hotels perfectly serve as reminders of just how exceptional architecture can be an attraction unto itself. Both are famous for their beauty, and they are also great places to stay in within fantastic neighborhoods that offer the best to tourists looking to see what New England is all about.

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