Boutique Hotels on a Budget: Florence


Planning a trip to Florence with the idea of a boutique hotel as your type of accommodation puts you in a category of the type of traveler who enjoys being catered to. The idea behind hotels defined as boutique came about to give to guests extra care and attention.

Every now and then, someone will come up with an idea of what is lacking in other types of businesses, and what was lacking in the regular hotel was uniqueness and individual service. With this in mind, you should also become aware of the fact that when you plan on staying in a Florence boutique hotel, it won’t be a 2-star hotel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasonable, budget boutique hotel prices.

The price range of budget boutique hotels in Florence starts around €80 per night per person, but sometimes you can find special offers for classic room types at the hotel that have a price around €120 per night. Some of Florence’s budget boutique hotels are the Hotel Londra and the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi. The former follows a luxury style and is in the historical center, while the latter is a Florentine style boutique hotel and is near attractions like the Piazza della Signoria. In both locations, you will find comfort and exceptional service. Enjoy!

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